Sunday, June 14, 2015

9 years old me

Posted by aqilah ismail at 12:38 AM

guess what?

the 9-years-old-me just surfaced

just two words
and i snapped
mental break down
cried my eyes out

the same reason when i was 9

i was never good enough compared to...
it's okay
i have faith
one day i will be good enough for at least one person

there is a silver lining of being single
nobody can understand why i'm crying my eyes out for the same reason when i was 9
or 13
or 17
or 20
or 24
when you're actually 26 or more

it's not like i'm not moving on
i am f-ing moving on!

but sometime, she just surfaced
the old me
and when she come, i just cry my eyes out
like she used to



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